How to Start Something New.

Making a fresh start being your authentic self.

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to start to be great.”

Zig Ziglar’s words sound cliche, but they are also true. So many times we don’t start something because we will be new at it. We find reasons and excuses not to start. When you’re new at something, it generally means you will not be very good. Not at the start anyway. You might even suck at it. So why start?

But what if you are good at something? 
What stops us from starting something new when we already have experience? I will start with my example. Writing is not new to me. I have written several books, and I have written many self-mastery programs that have millions in sales. So what would be my resistance to starting a newsletter blog?

Well, I won’t have an audience at the start, so that feels a little weird. I will be writing into the digital ether of the internet with no readers. At least to start.

You might wonder why I won’t have readers to start. Well, I am starting over … sort of. I believe that is good to start over once in a while. A fresh start to do things better. To do things the way you really want to.

I’m changing the tone of my brand. To be more authentic. To talk about the topics I want, in the way that I want, with my new brand name that I absolutely love, “Unstoppable Morning.”

What is Unstoppable Morning?

This is the way I start my day that has built and conditioned super-human discipline and mental strength. This is how I have started my day to achieve truly remarkable goals. Like writing books and creating self-mastery programs that have changed thousands of lives.

The media calls me super-human because I ran across America. I ran a marathon a day for 100 consecutive days from California to New York City. That’s 26 miles a day without a day off.

Then a year later, I broke the world record running 146 miles non-stop through the hottest desert in the world. Death Valley. A new course record of 72 hours:55 minute race from the lowest point to the highest point in the United States.

Here is the wild part. I wasn’t a runner just one year before I ran across America. I didn’t exercise, I wasn’t training, and I wasn’t an athlete of any kind.

In just one year … I totally changed my life.

So my question to you is … In one-year, what will your life be like?

Fresh Start
I will share this Unstoppable Morning with those already familiar with me. Some may like it and I am excited to share this journey with them. But I am looking at this as a totally fresh start to write and create videos and find those who resonate with my ideas.

I’ll be real here and pull back the curtains. I used to write to appeal to the most amount of people about the topics that were popular at the moment. I would write to sell products and to be successful. That’s how I was taught by the best marketers in the world.

I am proud of everything I created and sold. They are all high quality life changing programs. The proof is in the thousands of testimonials. But I was fitting into trends instead of being truly authentic.

Success has a different definition to me now. Success is sharing a message that is true to me and build a community with those who have similar goals and dreams.

I am betting everything - that being truly me without filters, is going to be the best decision of my life.

Why share this history with you?
Because when you realize things are not working they way that you want. Or you realize that you want something different in life, sometimes it is better to start new. Erase the plan and start from scratch. But here is the reality, you are not starting totally from scratch because you have experience and understanding of what you have done what you like, what you don’t like, and how you want things to be different.

So if this is you, at this moment, or you are thinking that maybe it is time to make a shift in your life, I support your courage to recognize it, and start changing your life. Big or small, start doing things differently that will create a life that you truly want to live.

What stops you from starting and being successful? 
There are many other things that also create resistance to starting something new.

Will this work?
Will it make me money?
Will I look silly?
What if it doesn’t work out?
What if my friends or family find out and they think it is silly?

These are just a few of the questions that will be in the deeps of our mind when we start something new. It all boils down to a couple of things.

Do I want it bad enough?
Do I believe in myself enough?

If you want it bad enough, you will find a way. You’ll push through the resistance, right yourself when you stumble, and pick yourself up when you fall.

If you believe in yourself enough, it won’t matter if others doubt you or criticize you. It may still bother you or upset you in the moment, but you will keep moving forward. Because you will know that you are on the right path. Your path. Creating a life that you want to live.

If you want it bad enough and you believe in yourself, it is just a matter of time before you will be living the life that you want to live, accomplish your goals and live the life that you want to live. Frankly, the life you should be living and deserve to live.

Here is something I believe … Playing small sucks.

Holding back sucks. Plying it safe, sucks. Knowing that you could be doing more, but you’re not, that really sucks.

Because you have a untapped power in you. When you tap into that inner-power, you will be Unstoppable.

What’s ahead for the Unstoppable Morning Newsletter?

  • Regularly published articles to help you live an Unstoppable Morning so that you can live an Unstoppable Life.

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  • How to methods to help you live your Unstoppable Morning.

  • Plus other stuff to come. This is new to me, so as it develops, and with your suggestions, this will get better and better with more great stuff.

Give me 5 days and I will show you how powerful you can be. 
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